Cute Critters

Hi my name is Erika and I have a confession – I am an absolute animal lover. If you are too, then this is for you! I started pet ownership with two guinea pigs that my brother and I had early on. Their names were Samantha and Tabbitha. Once responsibility grew, we had Luke, a beautiful Border Collie who was the runt of his litter, but spent many an afternoon with me running around the backyard. We were heartbroken to lose him, and it took over two years before my parents could face another dog. I was studying abroad in France, and saw the movie Marley and Me… if you haven’t seen it and are a dog lover, it is a tear jerker, but worth every scene and I sent an email to my parents immediately after telling them it was time for a puppy in their lives (and mine!). That being said, let me introduce you to the current pets in my life…

This is Biscuit. She is an adopted mutt who came into our lives on a sunny spring afternoon the week of my birthday in May at an ASPCA adoption fair. She was shy and had kennel cough, but when we brought her home smothered in love, she turned into the most wonderfully affectionate and happy dog there has ever been.

Biscuit puppy close up face

Biscuit’s Fur-Face

Biscuit puppy playing in snow

Snow doesn’t stop this pup from playing!

While Biscuit was technically “my dog,” she was living the life with my parents – long walks, dog parks, attention galore… I couldn’t compete with that at college and then moving into a bite-size NYC apartment. I still see her a lot of course, though she treats me as a sister-puppy versus any type of authority. I don’t mind. I feel like the fun aunt that gets to spoil a niece!

Then I met my then hubby-to-be, who also had a huge heart for animals. While I was semi-hesitant about cats when I was younger (having had a mean cat experience via Grandma Ollie), once I heard that he had adopted Isabella (Izzy) and Zoey years earlier, I couldn’t resist. I think I fell for him even more. :-)

Here is Izzy, our little princess. Watch out – if you have an open lap where potential pets could happen, she will be there.

Izzy cat on balcony

Such a beauty.

Izzy cat rolling on balcony

Playing in the sunshine

And here is Zoey – the big boy with the big heart.

Zoey cat on lap

Lap cat.

Zoey cat soaking up sun

Soulful eyes seeking out the sun

Both of them follow me around the house ever hopeful for treats or a warm pile of laundry to curl up into.

In the near future, I hope to dedicate this section to the animals we love, and those who need our help as we are dedicated to the ASPCA cause! Please share your stories and pet/animal pictures with me!