KIND Snack Bars – Personally I get boxes of the mini bars so I have a quick 100 calorie snack ready to go when I need it!

KIND Snack Bars

KIND Snack Bars

Asics Gel Noosafast 2 Running Sneakers – I just started using these this year for running and love them! Of course you need to get the running shoe that makes sense for your own feet. I definitely recommend going to an actual running store so they can do a foot analysis.

Asics Gel Noosafast 2 Running Sneaks

Asics Gel Noosafast 2 Running Sneaks

PerfectFit Protein Powder – From the ToneItUp girls, this protein powder is gluten and allergen free and has 15 grams of organic, plant-based protein per serving.


Perfect Fit Protein Powder

Some favorite places to shop for workout gear!

Target’s C9 Activewear Line

Old Navy Active




Sports Authority

If you have a membership to a similar type store, Costco actually has great deals on workout socks and the like.

All local running/fitness shops! It’s great to support local businesses and they often have expert insider info for the area.


Skinny Headbands like these – I have bangs so I always make sure to have one on hand to keep everything out of my face. I suggest looking for the ones that are rubber lined so that they stay in place through your entire workout.


Nike Headbands

WEN Sixthirteen by Chaz Dean – For those of you looking for time savers in the shower, this might be for you! Though pricey for a Cleansing Conditioner, you use it on its own instead of a separate shampoo and conditioner. If you put it on at the beginning of your shower and rinse it at the end, you’ll be left with super soft hair every time!

wen sixthirteen

WEN SIXTHIRTEEN Cleansing Conditioner

Secret Clinical Strength Waterproof This is a must for going from work to gym and home to hubby all in one application!

Secret Clinical Strength Waterproof Deodorant

Secret Clinical Strength Waterproof Deodorant

BlueAvocado (re)zip Reuseable bags – I love these! I want to order them in every size – perfect for fruit, veggies, nuts, anything!


(re)zip bags

Gaiam Compact Foam Roller – Foam rollers come in all shapes and sizes, but I love how this little one does the trick after a run or tough workout.

Gaiam Compact Foam Roller

Gaiam Compact Foam Roller

Braza Wipe Out Pads – These are so handy when you’re getting ready post-shower a little too quickly.

Braza Wipe Out Sponges

Braza Wipe Out Sponges