A new Michaels Christmas Purchase and Go Run Outside in Colder Weather!

Oh Sunday. How I have mixed emotions about you…

After the gym yesterday and getting everything into the Crock-pot to slow cook for dinner, we decided we wanted to get out of the house so naturally we kept the Christmas momentum going and made a trip to Michaels.

This Reindeer and Sleigh came home with us even though we weren’t sure where we were going to put it yet:


Did you know Candy Crush, the mobile game, has an actually candy? And it is sold in big boxes at regular retailers?


We ended up going to lunch next door at Applebees because it was 3:30 by the time we were heading back to the car. I had this sirloin steak on top of spinach and a whole grain rice mix and it was so good!


We made our way home and hunkered in for the night eating this bowl of shredded chicken, peas, corn, and tomato soup on top of kale deliciousness.


This morning I knew that regardless of the dropping temperatures, I wanted to bundle up and go run outside in colder weather. Mainly for these reasons:

1) FRESH AIR. Talk about fresh. The second it drops down, you have air that fills your lungs, and the bright red look I get running in the summer? Gone!

2) Look at this extra special foliage. You don’t see these fireballs of trees at the same time as all the other leaves.


3) Critters and open trails. I like this time of year because only the bundled are sharing the road/path with you. There were plenty of people walking, but I didn’t have to worry about families of cyclists cruising by/hitting me. I also ran into a really cute black and white cat and a blue jay. Neither of which, stayed still long enough so I could capture on camera.

4) Inspiration for Christmas presents. So I thought I could get away with this pair of gloves, but then this issue happened. Running gloves sound like a great gift!

Velcro plus fuzzy gloves = armband issues

Velcro plus fuzzy gloves = armband issues

5) It reminds me to tell you about this amazing lip balm. It isn’t like so many others where you feel like you need to reapply every 10 minutes.


I had a great 4.7 mile run – didn’t quite calculate the 5miles correctly, but still enjoyed being out in the fresh air. THIS snowflake situation started when I got home!


Little bitty snowflakes! No accumulation here yet, but it’s going to get COLD this week!

Who has been shopping at Michaels this year? For crafts or for the Holidays?

Cold weather running tips?

Favorite lip balm this time of year?

Show me your snowflakes!

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