Graze – healthy snacks delivered!

Wow so this week is going to be NUTS at work. I am out for the whole week of Thanksgiving, so my team and I are trying to meet deadlines like crazy people.

Back to the fun stuff! A couple of weeks ago I signed up for a snack delivery program call Graze. Essentially the company makes a huge variety of healthy snacks and sends you four individually wrapped ones to try out each week. You don’t get to handpick the ones you get, but you can input your preferences so they know if you’d rather have salty vs sweet etc. What a great concept for a plain jane eater like me!

The box is very efficiently packed and actually fits in a mailbox which is nice. I have gotten two of them so far, but you can set how frequently you would like them to be sent.

Make sure you don’t open it upside down, and voila new snacks to try!




Out of the above, these are the ones I’ve sampled so far:

1) Tomato and basil pizza – includes basil crunchini, cheese cashews, and mini tomato breadsticks. I was sold before I even opened it based on the description alone! I was really impressed with how flavorful the mix was, and that the portion size,  seemingly small, was perfect!


2) Banana Shortbread Dippers – Womp womp, these were the only disappointment so far. All the banana shortbread cookies were crumbled! I basically ate this one with a spoon, but if it had been whole it was delicious. I had it at work during that 4 pm slump and the kick of sugar and banana-y goodness hit the spot. I lost the picture of this one sorry!

3) Fruit & Seed Flapjacks – These have been my favorites! They were like mini, chewy granola bars.  Even in the picture you can see all the while ingredients like seeds, raisins, and oats.


I feel like I’ve been going through the boxes slowly because they’re such a unique treat.  I am also saving some of them for hubby who likes spicy things (i.e. the Jalepeno Fiesta mix). I also received these mini coupons so you can get a discount to try out Graze for yourself!

After this experiment, I am really eager to try one of the services that sends you all the ingredients to make a new recipe! Especially now that the weather is cold enough so I won’t have to worry about groceries melting outside my door. I was looking at this one from Blue Apron:


I thought this Motivation Monday would be fitting considering I know we all get short of time around the holidays:


Have a great day!

Has anyone used a food delivery service before? Either snacks or full meals? – Rumor has it Jennifer Aniston lived on that three meal a day delivery plan for the 10 years that she was on Friends.

What’s your week ahead look like? – I’m going to try to squeeze in workouts, but may need to cut myself some slack given the workload.

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