Brain benefits of exercise and ground turkey instead of ground chicken

Happy hump day!!

I used to have a 9am meeting on Wednesday mornings which always meant I needed to take an extra early train in, BUT it was also a sign that we were officially past the halfway point and I could start looking forward to Friday. :-) That meeting got moved, so I’m back to a regular train time which is a blessing when the days get shorter in the winter. I sluggishly made it to the elliptical and treadmill this morning for a leisurely/half asleep 30min workout. It still made a huge difference though. I find I am more productive and attentive to detail when I work out in the morning. Must be all that extra blood pumping to the brain! This info-graphic outlining the brain benefits of exercise from Men’s Health should be reason enough to get your workout in today!

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 7.20.41 PM

It’s interesting because my team is trying to boost morale given the challenging transition and so they instituted Friday afternoon happy hours. They have a partner we work with sponsor the drinks in a conference room for an hour. The funny thing is that if you ask anyone on the team, they would 100% rather get to a) leave earlier or b) stay at their desk and finish their work as soon as possible so they can leave as soon as possible. What upper management is missing is that we already spend a TON of time together both at work and at events outside of the office. Working on a team of mostly girls, I can pretty much guarantee they would rather have a yoga session at lunchtime instead of drinks later in the day. Quite frankly I’d rather get my work and work out done, so I can go home and socialize instead of socializing with colleagues (much as I love them).


Tonight hubby was the one who was late (poor guy missed a train by 30 seconds too so it was later than he even planned on), so I decided to shut down the work laptop and get our house and myself in order. I put away laundry, did the heap of dishes, and even was able to squeeze in 25mins of a Jillian DVD before he got home. I wonder if I should take more full days off and do the two a day approach? I don’t know if that would be sustainable because I already miss my “planned” AM workouts enough as it is!

Feeling inspired after the chili last night, I left hubby to the leftovers and decided to make myself some healthy chicken and veggies for dinner. Woops…I accidentally bought extra lean ground turkey instead of ground chicken. If you’ve read some of my earlier posts, I really haven’t been a fan of the ground turkey trend because I find it to be chewy, but I was willing to give it another shot.

I tossed the meat in the pan with a couple of teaspoons of poultry seasoning and let it cook through before adding some kale and a cup of tomato basil sauce. Meanwhile I steamed broccoli on the side. Broccoli is definitely my favorite veggie and is always what I eat when I’m craving something healthy but satisfying. I’m going to make a big batch of it roasted for Thanksgiving – yum!

keep-calm-and-love-broccoli-3The turkey turned out to be pretty moist, but I still think ground chicken as more flavor… sorry I didn’t snap a picture before I ate it!

Do you find that you are more productive after a good workout? – I know this is one of the supporting reasons for working out in the morning, but when I was in school I used to go to the gym after dinner around 9 so that I could have a boost of energy when I needed to stay up studying. It also helped avoid late night stress snacking!

What does your office do to “boost morale” when it’s a challenging time? – Hopefully something!

Have you accidentally bought the wrong type of meat? No? Just me then? Ok.

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