Hunger Games, cosmos and pizza = great weekend

Today was the day! Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1! Before I could get to the theater though, I got up with hubby and we continued our power cleaning from last night. This time around (unlike many times before), I made sure that my workout was officially scheduled so I only cleaned as much as I could until 8:30am, then got myself to the gym for a full hour.

Two random things:

1) These geese were confused. They took flight, did a loop, and landed right back on the lawn they were just sitting on… shouldn’t they be in Florida by now?


2) These little rocks were covered in snow/ice which made them look like miniĀ icebergs.


My girlfriends and I went to to this cute wine bar called Serena’s for lunch on the Upper East Side. I think this is my idea of a simple, but perfect brunch/lunch menu. I had the egg white spinach omelette – the potatoes that came with it hit the spot because I was starving!

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 7.54.59 PM

Kelley and I made our way to this theater which was in the basement of a normal office building. Of course we were nervous that it was going to be packed… but let’s just say we had no trouble getting a seat.


I love going to see movies with her because we look at each other when we’re giddy about a part… or scared. I know the movie has gotten horrible reviews, but hey, I’m not ashamed to admit that I liked it! I thought it was a good mix of story development plus action – no shame. :-)

After the movie I swung through Bloomingdales to return an Angel Christmas Tree topper that was 3x too big for our tree. I think your tree would have to be 10ft tall to be proportionate to her…

When I got home, it was hostess-with-the-mostess time with hubby and his best friend/best man. They don’t get together enough due to crazy schedules on both sides, so it was really nice to see them in their element. I decided to start whipping up a round of cosmos…



Which is now turning into this for dinner…


And I will be hitting the pillow as soon as possible! Hope you have a great Saturday night!

What is your ideal Saturday?

Last movie you saw in theaters?

Favorite martini/cocktail of choice/do you think I eat too much pizza for a healthy blog?

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