The Christmas Tree Shop, Home Sweet Home and lots of food pictures

We got up bright and early to get on the road this morning. Sometimes when we travel on the weekend we want to get back early on Sundays so it doesn’t feel like the weekend went too quickly (even if we are having fun doing whatever it is we’re doing!). It also leaves time to do things like laundry and grocery shopping so we’re ready for the week ahead.

A couple of other funny highlights from yesterday’s Saratoga North Creek trip:

There was a typo on the train’s food & drink menu which made it look like the mimosas cost $700. We laughed extra hard at that one when we learned that the “champagne” they used was Andre which costs less than $7 a bottle. Quite the mark up if you ask me!


I have no recollection of ever going a Christmas Tree Shop before. I thought it was 100% dedicated to Christmas gear and was expecting it to be part shopping/part experiential. I was picturing salespeople dressed up as elves, and displays of holiday villages throughout the store. Needless to say when we went through there Saturday evening I was disappointed to learn that it had everything and anything similar to a Bed Bath and Beyond or Target. I know, this was a difficult thing for me to process…


Today on our way home, we got the grocery shopping out of the way and picked up an enormous pre-prepped pizza for lunch. I custom tailored it to meet our individual preferences – aka I tried to make mine slightly healthy by adding veggies and moved all of the meat toppings to his side.


I was really craving brussels sprouts for some reason so picked up a huge bag of those and decided to use them in this week’s egg bake along with the broccoli and kale. I think I may have gone on veggie overkill, but it looks beautiful and I was able to use the extra ones on my pizza. Win, win.


We spent the afternoon lounging on the sofa doing a whole lot of nothing and took a nap later in the day. It was really hard to drag my butt to the gym, but I was happy I did (aren’t we always?) and I completed what I am now calling a “Scandal workout,” which basically means at least 40 minutes on a cardio machine (usually the elliptical) so that I can get through an episode.

I had kind of a blah week last week from an eating/exercise standpoint. You know those weeks when you know you could be healthier, spend more time at the gym, but just can’t seem to get it together? I was definitely stress-eating a lot. I am determined to kick start my week off right tomorrow, so hubby kindly grilled me a bunch of chicken for salads this week. This might look gross, but smothering the chicken in marinade and letting it sit in the fridge for a couple of hours is the BEST way to get moist flavorful chicken on the grill. This batch tasted extra good because it’s been a few weeks since I’ve had it.


Hubby ate leftover pizza for dinner so I made myself this whole wheat penne pasta with leftover steamed brussels and some of the freshly grilled chicken. I just tossed it with some olive oil and shredded Italian cheese. It was yumminess in a bowl.


I have to go to bed like a child tonight because I need to be on a 7am train to make an 8:30am meeting with the clients tomorrow. Not fun. Needless to say I already laid out my outfit ahead of time. Have a great night!

Anyone else feel that way about traveling on the weekends? Fun, but nice to get home and have “home time” too?

Do you share the same pizza topping choices as your significant other/roommate/family members? 

How do you marinade your chicken/meat for the grill? – The marinade I used here was the Nature’s Promise brand Organic Balsamic Vinaigrette.

Do you ever prep your outfits ahead of time when you know you need to be extra organized one morning? – I wish I could do this every night because it helps so much!


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